Lars Pettersson in San Francisco 1991

2022 was the year we released our debut album “A drifter’s tale”. An album I know my father enjoyed a lot. 2022 was also the year my father passed away. It all went fast. The day after Midsummers eve we were having a barbeque together and I knew he’d struggled with a back pain for a few weeks. Nothing serious we thought and he seemed healthy. A few days later he was driven to the hospital to have his back scanned. He never came back home again. August 16th he passed away. Unbelievable… He was just weeks away from turning 74 and almost out of the blue he was gone. It’s still hard to comprehend. He was simply a great guy and a great father. A warm and well-read man with a kind heart. There are so many things I can say about him and I miss him immensely. We shared a lot of common interests and music was one of them. Always supportive and engaged with my music… Early in my life he led me on to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and many of our great songwriters. I’m so thankful for everything he’s been and he’s given me.

One of my favorite concert memories with my father is from Gothenburg back in 1986. Bob Dylan was on tour with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and we were staying at the same hotel as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. My father managed to get their autographs and I remember Tom writing his autograph on an envelope on my fathers back. I was only 13 and it is such an amazing memory.

2022 is also the year when I’ve recovered from colon cancer. I was diagnosed in September 2021 and had surgery in early October 2021. It all went well and I’m so thankful there was no spread to other parts in my body. Still there is a mental thing you have to recover from and I’ve been working on that. Music has been a saviour indeed!

Even though 2022 has been a hard year I’m thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from you listeners. A drifter’s tale has been praised by many of you and that means a lot. 2023 is here and we will have a new record out before summer. It’s gonna be a good one!

Below is a picture of my father when he came to visit me in San Francisco back in 1991. So many memories… Somehow I feel we will meet again. Until then, I’m gonna do my best down here. Love you father,


Lars Pettersson 1948 09 13 – 2022 08 16